Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mass Communications

In the past 10 years, mass dialogues underwent perhaps one of the most unsounded revolutions in their history, matched perhaps by the arrival of the telegraph and the telephone. Technology changes affect who we reach and in what ways. They overly affect our entertainment and the way we spend free time.The most notable change has certainly been the Internet. Its goodly online spaces have made tons of information easily available to masses of people who previously would dumbfound difficult and costly to obtain information of similar quality from otherwise sources. In this way, the Internet democratized communication between people, making piece of music cheaper by e-mail and making voice connections more accessible through Internet telephony and programs like Skype. I regularly use Skype and e-mail to reach my relatives in other countries, and this makes our communication much easier.The use of online communication has also provided people with immense opportunities to address large audiences without considerable expense of starting ones own media project. To make a site that will try content and the authors news to large groupings of people is very easy and inexpensive. This helps overcome the enigma of freedom of speech that many saw in the world where media were owned and governed by rich tycoons. The critics of such freedom noted that it did not provide for freedom of expression of those who are not commercial take on producers or media barons (Iyer, 2004). Today, one can air political or social views without investing a pass out of money.Blogs are yet another way to make ones views known to a group of people and make an online community, getting new friends. In 2005, Business Week reported that there are some 9 million blogs out there, with 40,000 new ones popping up each day (Baker, Green, 2005).I tried once to start a diary at, but soon got tired of writing there and could not find many people to read my writing. I believe my self to be a slow adopter, although when technical improvements in communication get popular, I do begin to use them. ReferencesBaker, S., & Green, H. (2005, May). Blogs leave alone Change Your Business. Business Week. Retrieved August 29, 2006College of Communication, the University of Texas at Austin. Thoughts about the Future of Advertising. A White Paper by the Faculty, Department of Advertising. Retrieved August 29, 2006, from http//, V. R. (2004, July). Culture Cops and the mass media. Retrieved August 29, 2006, from http//

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